Enriched with fresh locally sourced roses and olive oil, Rose Soap delicately cleanses the skin with instant hydration and soothing properties.

Rose Soap deeply hydrates the skin and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, helping to protect and restore the hydrated, healthy-looking skin.

Rose Soap is natural toner, helping to tighten and tone the skin as well as enhancing skin elasticity.

The antioxidants in roses help combat dullness and promote a healthy glow.

Regular use of Rose Soap nourishes the skin and contribute to a brighter and more radiant complexion.

The natural fragrance of fresh roses has aromatherapeutic benefits on our wellbeing and calming effect on the mind providing a sensory experience, promoting relaxation.

Its gentle formula is suitable for all skin types and for body, face, and hair.


Rub the bar and create a rich lather under warm water and use all over to cleanse the skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Soap Care Tip

When you’re not using your soap bars it’s best to keep them out of water on a well-drained surface, allowing it to dry between uses.

Use a well-drained soap dish to keep your soap last longer so you can feel naturally fresh for as long as possible.